Monday, July 6, 2009

Going home?

Wow, three days behind. Sorry about that. Matt was here with Xavian all weekend while I spent the holiday with Dante. It was nice to have a little break and get some much needed rest.

Friday night wasn't so great for Matt though. They actually increased the amount of morphine Xavian was getting. He was obviously in some pain. The neurosurgeon even came by and said he was concerned because he should be in that much pain. So, they did a CT to make sure the shunt was where it should be and working the way it should be. Results, it was right were it needed to be and was working just fine.

Saturday I think Xavian pretty much rested and slept all day. Matt had a good view (from the room window) of the fireworks over Red Mountain. Sunday morning Xavian had his feeding tube put back in. They started his feeds off slow and bumped them up every six hours until they got them to where it needed to be. He is no longer on his TPN (yay!).

As I type Xavian is getting red blood. I am hoping this will give him some pep. He is still a little irritable but hasn't had morphine since early this morning. He even smiled a little! Once he finishes the blood he won't be hooked up to anything except his feeds. I am hoping this means we can go home tomorrow or Wednesday. In fact, our nurse just came in and said the neurosurgery nurse is coming by to teach me about the shunt care. Maybe when this is all said and done I can be a nurse too. Just kidding. I know the nurses go through some tough schooling, but gosh I feel like I take over once we get home.

Thanks for all your continued prayers. Some specific prayer requests...

*continued comfort for Xavian
*NO infection from the shunt
*NO new tumor cells (causing us to have the shunt)
*an uneventful stay at home

and specifically for this little girls family...


  1. Great news! I am hoping and praying for a Hall homegoing tomorrow!

  2. hopefully no post mean you guys are at home and things are going well... thinking about you all. love you and wish we were closer to help. hope you have a wonderful family weekend.