Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More chemo

Just got back from clinic...

Xavian has gained some weight back. This is good considering he won't take any liquids by mouth. This past week I did get him to start eating baby food though. Dr Reddy said we may need to have occupational therapy work with him on the liquids. She said that after some babies don't eat a while they need to relearn. Not sure how I feel about that though because he is eating baby food and will suck on his paci all day long. I think he has gotten lazy and use to the feeding tube. We will have OT/PT come work with him on some other skills (sitting up and grasping things).

Dr Reddy wants to make sure Xavian gets a total of "at least" six rounds of chemo. We've had three so far. Plus half of one that didn't get completed :( She wants to start the fourth as soon as possible. She said she'd give us another week home though. THANK YOU! So, we get admitted to Children's here in Birmingham, AL on August 3rd. The treatment will last a week. We will then have the MRI sometime after that when his numbers come back up from taking a beating from all the chemo.

Of course if we think Xavian has had enough, we could always stop the treatment. I'm not sure I could stop them. As rough as the chemo is on his little body it is working. Please pray that these last three rounds will kill ALL cancer cells and we can be done with chemo by his first birthday! It's hard to believe that in two days Xavian will be eight months old and he was only eight weeks when all this started. So unfair for such a small child! I really could go on but, I will spare you. Please pray for a cure! Please pray that Matt and I will continue to hold on to our faith and sanity during these next three months. It can only get easier right?

Well, I need to finish eating my lunch and go get Dante. I will continue to keep you faithful readers and prayer warriors up to date. Feel free to sing our guestbook and leave words of wisdom, encouragement, and prayers...the sure do help!

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  1. Our church small group (Rachel Woodward is in it) is still praying for Xavian and the entire family and will continue to do so. As Joshua 1:9 says "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

    In him,
    Ashley Cosby

  2. Still in our thoughts and prayers. ALWAYS.

  3. Hope your time at home will provide rest and renewal.

  4. I'm glad y'all are getting some time at home and will be praying for y'all! :)

  5. Cassie (and family)-

    Katie Christian here (went to HS together). I have been praying for your little one Xavian so much for the past couple of months. He is on our prayer list every week at Bible Study. We also have you two on there as well- may God give you two the strength to be pillars for your son as he battles through this.

    You ALL will continue to be in our prayers!