Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hospital fold-outs are for criminals

Xavian is doing well. He slept fairly sound last night, but it seemed like nurses or CAs were coming in every 10 minutes. It just seemed that way. Some of his counts are up, but not all of them, so we're still in the hospital. It's been almost two weeks since we were admitted, but some families are here for months at a time and live several hours away instead of 15 minutes away, so it could be much worse. It could always be much worse! It's like they told me when I was a kid. You may think you're tough, but there is always someone else out there that can kick your butt. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but I thought it was funny, still do.

Anyway, Xavian's white counts are higher today, so that's great news. Usually once those counts start rising, they seem to rise to a safe level on a steep grade.


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  1. I like that little saying! Great way to put things in perspective sometimes. Love y'all and still praying everyday!!!!!!