Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Zoo, Mother's Day, Furniture, Low counts...

I got a zoo pass so Dante could have some fun this summer while we are back and forth to the hospital. My aunt (Lawana) and cousin (Sarah) went with Dante and me this past time. It took him a little bit to get use to the water area. Once he did, he LOVED it!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and celebrated with their mothers. Thanks to Matt's mom (Vonda) I got to spend this day at home with Matt and Dante. It was very uneventful. That was fine with me. I need some uneventful days. Vonda came in town Friday around 1:30 and relieved me from hospital duties. She stayed here until Sunday afternoon. It gave Matt and I much needed break.

Saturday we got some of our living room furniture and wall prints delivered. Wahoo! Now when you come to visit you will have a place to sit. ;) We are still waiting on some of our other furniture but, it's looking more like a home to us. We are also looking at getting a fence put up. That will be nice so Matt won't lose Dante anymore (that's another story).

Xavian is doing well. He received some platelets today. It wasn't totally necessary but there were some at the bank that would expire tomorrow so they went ahead and gave them to him. I encourage anyone that can donate blood/platelets to do so. His WBC is still zero but the ANC has gone from zero to 150. We are praying this will be the turn around and his WBC will start to come up so we can go home. We have now been at the hospital for 11 days waiting for counts to come up. We've been through 4 tornado warnings, moving out to the hall every time. We did get to spend nurse appreciation week up here though...Dante made cookies for all the nurses. He's a big flirt when he comes to visit. I guess Xavian learned that from Dante. The nurses and C.A.s love to come get Xavian and take him to their station. Matt and I love it too because it gives us a break.

Please continue to pray for Xavian...his complete healing but more urgent, his WBC to come up. Also, we have met so many other "c" friends either here on the floor or down in the clinic. Please pray for those that are also going through treatments, procedures, relapse, and remission. Thank you to all our blog followers for praying faithfully. One day Xavian will be able to understand the power of your prayers.

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  1. Yay for resting, and furniture and fences...PLEASE share the losing D story. Hey, BTW, how is the community playground? Finished? Can't wait to climb on that. Praying. Praying. Praying. I love each of you.
    I wish we could take our pillows into the back yard for a nap...freak the neighbors out like the old days...another great reason for a fence!