Friday, February 20, 2009

The Flu

Daddy(me, Matt) has the flu. I don't think it is very bad because I've had the flu before and have felt a millions time worse than I currentlydo. Doesn't matter though because I have to steer clear of my family as much as I can for today and the weekend and get better for Monday. I'm taking Tamiflu, so hopefully we can knock this thing out and I can help Cassie and Nana(Denise) take care of our little ones. Neither myself or anyone else can be around Xavian over the next few weeks while they are sick, especially if Xavian's blood cell counts (white in particular) and his immune system are down.

So, we'll have to get creative this weekend and come up with things for Daddy to do on his own. Shouldn't be hard to find independent tasks for a very independent person. I was going to miss the Supercross race in ATL, Georgia, but I may be banished to ATL this afternoon, so I may be going anyway. Our family(on Cassie's side) will be here packing boxes all weekend and the clutter would probably send my blood pressure through the roof, so getting away for a day may be a good move.

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