Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/21 Update

This morning, before starting the chemo, Xavian will get a blood transfusion. Not sure how long that will take but we are still waiting for the blood to get here. He has a little more energy than he did yesterday after the chemo. He's not quite as pale either. Hopefully the blood will give him an extra boost. We will finish up this round tomorrow morning. Looking forward to going home Thursday morning (praying nothing goes wrong to keep us here). Once we get home we'll have to keep an eye on his temperature and make sure he's eating well. The night feeds will help a lot though. I think Xavian is ready to be in his swing at home and to be able to get on the floor and roll around. I know I'm ready for us to all be home together again.


  1. That is wonderful news. Xavian is beating this cancer, I just know it! We are all still praying for all of you every day. We love you all very much. Love, Aunt Wanda

  2. So many people are praying for you!!!! God's glory is going to shine through!

  3. He is so beautiful and looks so happy. You are in my prayers! I know you don't know me, but I went to college with Troy and Vic and that's how I found your site.