Monday, April 27, 2009

Still home

Xavian and I just got back from clinic. His numbers are still very low-this is expected. He did not have to have a blood transfusion though. We will have to continue to watch for fever (100.5+) and bleeding/bruises. We are also limiting visitors right now and making sure that if anyone does come by they haven't been sick or haven't been around anyone that has been sick. I will be walking around with a can of Lysol for a few day too (thanks Regina). We will be heading back to the clinic Wednesday for another CBC. They suspect that he will have a blood/platelet transfusion then too. While we are there he will also get Vincristine (chemo drug). That is only an iv push though so we shouldn't be there long. If Xavian doesn't get fever (please pray he doesn't) then we won't have to be back at the hospital until May 20th. At that time they will do an MRI to see how the cancer is responding to the chemo. This will be the first MRI done since we first found out there was a mass and it was malignant.

Some friends in Jackson, MS found out their son had cancer right before we found out about Xavian. Please pray for them as well. You can read their blog here...


  1. I will pray for this week's immediate needs, for rest and anything else I can think of...

  2. Glad to hear of some good news with little Xavian. We continue to pray. We will also pray for the Harrison family.

  3. hang in there buddy. do great tomorrow. praying you can keep your temp down and stick around home a couple more weeks. I love you!