Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Levels up again

The MTX level has gone up again today. As of this morning it's at .4. Now we are trying some of the other options. As I sit here and type Xavian is getting charcoal through his feeding tube. It will be given over an hour and a half. Hopefully this will bring it down.

In the mean time they want me to stop breastfeeding for the day and only give him formula. This is going to be a challenge in it's self because he won't take a bottle. I just tried before they started the charcoal and he didn't want anything to do with it. He finally just fell asleep. He's in and out of sleep right now and I can tell that he's hungry. If he continues on like this they will feed him through the tube (that's why they put it in). They are also going to do an ultrasound on his belly to make sure there is no fluid that could possibly be holding the MTX.

He still has not gotten any mouth sores...praise God. They will draw blood for another MTX level at three. I will try and post as soon as I know something. Well, I smell a poopy that needs to be changed (they put a laxative in the charcoal).


  1. hey there,
    just wanted you to know we check on a regualar basis to see how things are going. i am sorry the levels haven't gone down yet... i'll pray tonight is the night. we love you guys. thinking of you in pa. viv

  2. I'm sorry to hear about all this. I'm praying the little guy will get through this and things will work out.

  3. I am wondering if Xavian's levels are any better today. I have never experienced what you are going through with the mtx levels, but I am praying that he is easily soothed, even though he can't nurse. That is really hard for both baby and mama. I have feeding tube supplies too if you need them. In fact I have a kangaroo pump if you would like it.

  4. Your family has become part of my heart and I am praying for you. It warms my heart to read your love for and trust in God. Xavien is a strong little infant and I'm sorry he is going through this. We know God is prayer is that you...more than I...will know his greatness in full measure through this time. In Christ love

  5. Continued prayers. Glad to hear about the mouth sores not coming back.