Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inevitable Return to the Hospital

Today the inevitable happened, Xavian had to go back to the hospital b/c he was running a low grade fever. By the time Cassie got him to the clinic at Children's Hospital, his vitals were out of whack and his fever had gone up. He received platelets, fluids, and antibiotics. The antibiotics were precautionary since his white blood cell counts were so low. His fever has since dropped closer to a normal range.

We thought Xavian might have to stay in the Special Care Unit, but his vitals stabilized, so he'll probably just go to the oncology floor where we usually are, which is a good thing.

Hopefully he'll feel better and his vitals will remain stable and we won't have to stay long.

Please continue to pray that the good cells in his body can fight off the chemo and the bad cancer cells will wilt and die and that mommy, daddy, and dante can remain sane (or get back to sane).


  1. Love you guys. Praying as always...thanks for keeping everyone up to date. We ove praying for you.

  2. thanks for the update - it was great seeing pictures too - you guys are way to good with this to be so tired. we so appreciate it though. love you all and praying right now for a speedy return home and CLEAR MRI in may! viv

  3. We are praying hard! We will not cease. Love, Aunt Wanda