Sunday, April 26, 2009

Round 2 Complete

I haven't posted in a while, sorry about that. We've been swamped. Lots going on.

Xavian's second round of chemo went very well. We were only in the hospital eight days. He cleared his MTX and handled the rest of the protocol very well. We were discharged Thursday and have been home since then. Xavian is feeling great and has done very well at home. He's been watching a lot of Baby Einstein and loves it. He hasn't gotten mouth sores and hasn't had fever, so that is a blessing. He's had some congestion and has vomited mucus from it, but has eaten well and seems to be gaining his appetite again. Tomorrow, he has a clinic visit for blood counts and a checkup. Hopefully everything will look good. We expect his white blood cell counts to be very low at this point in time.

So, for now we're home and doing well. It's so nice to all be here. I get a sick feeling when I think about having to go back to the hospital again, ugh. It has really worn on us, but I guess it's not supposed to be fun right :-\

We'll post again soon, maybe a "Dante Update" or something. Dante is doing great by the way. He and I went to Northpark Church in Trussville this morning. He had fun in the nursery and the service was cool, although I was dog tired.



  1. "We were only in the hospital eight days."

    Funny how perspective changes huh? We're still praying for you guys. We know what it's like "in the trenches".

  2. Matt - Xavian is blessed to have you as his father. We are praying! All my love, Aunt Wanda