Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hearing test

We just got back to our room from having Xavian's hearing checked. He didn't do so well. The results show that there is some change in his hearing from the last test. I am telling myself that it's because they woke him up during his nap, he thought he was hungry and he had an explosive diaper. I am going to ask that they recheck him later today or tomorrow. I am also wondering if the Methotrexate is making him irritable.

Tomorrow is big brother Dante's second birthday. Grammy (Matt's mom) will be here tomorrow afternoon to stay with Xavian while Matt and I take Dante to Atlanta for the weekend. We are going to stay with Matt's sister, husband and their two boys. Saturday we will take Dante to the aquarium. I think we are all looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to seeing Dante tonight. He's been in Montevallo with my aunt and cousin since Monday. He has been going to their church's VBS all week. I hear he loves the music, showing off his dance moves I'm sure.

I met a mother here whose 5 month old little boy was just diagnosed with AML. I remember the day we found out Xavian had cancer and know exactly what she is going through right now. Please pray for Colby and his family.

Still waiting to hear from the neurosurgeon...

I have also set up a CaringBridge site for Xavian (it's been up for a month I guess)

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