Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Room 449

We are finally settled into our room here at Children's in Birmingham. Xavian is napping (he needed one in the worst kind of way). He is now getting his fluids. Tomorrow they will check his urine and begin the MTX. We will also be seeing the surgeon while we are here. Most likely tomorrow. Dr Reddy said that Xavian's soft spot seems to be a little full so they will keep an eye on that. Also, PT/OT will come by and evaluate Xavian. I let them know that I was concerned that he isn't reaching for objects. He is also not sitting on his own. He will sit for a few seconds but then fall to the side. Hopefully they can work with him and get caught up and it's not a balance issue because of the fluid on his brain.

Specific prayer request:

1. Xavian will be able to clear the MTX so we can finish this round

2. The surgeon clears him to finish this round

3. NO mouth sores

4. NO allergic reaction to any of the chemo drugs

5. Safe travels and Matt and I take Dante to Atlanta for his birthday

6. Xavian won't have a break down while his Grammy stays with him this weekend

7. Tucker Beam and Megan Brittian's families

8. All the other families that are in this fight and on this floor

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