Monday, June 29, 2009

I am Back

Back here at CH. Xavian looks better. Matt told me he got him to take 8mL of formula today (30mL = 1 ounce). That's such an improvement.
He is still getting nutrition from the TPN. It is still important to try and keep him eating on his own though. There was no CT today and there won't be one tomorrow. Neurosurgery had decided the shunt needs to be put in regardless. So, there really is no need to do another CT. We are still monitoring his heart rate, eyes and fontanelle. We are all hoping and praying that his counts are up so that can be done the end of this week. I haven't seen a print out of his counts just yet but I think the ANC is 500. Two days ago it was zero.

Right now I want to thank Mel and Rita (two co-workers of Matt). They have volunteered to bring Matt and I dinners when we stay here with Xavian. Also, thanks to all the church groups that made us dinner when we are at home. They all have been a wonderful blessing. It is such a stress reliever when you don't have to worry about what you are going to eat. "Living" at the hospital can also get expensive if you are having to eat every meal in the cafe. So, thanks Mel and Rita and all the others we have not had the chance to meet for meeting one of our needs during this time.

Please pray for...
1. complete healing for Xavian
2. numbers to continue to increase rapidly
3. comfort for Xavian
4. less and less fluid build up
5. a CURE for childhood cancer
6. other families fighting this disease

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  1. I know you all are anxious about the shunt procedure. Try to cast your cares on the Lord, even though it is hard. The Hills continue to pray for Xavian and your family.