Saturday, June 20, 2009

The waiting game

Xavian hasn't done very well this weekend. I seems that he is in more pain. Of course it's hard to tell because he is only 6 months. Every time someone goes to touch him or pick him up he gets real tense and fusses. The doctors decided to change him to scheduled morphine every three hours. This seems to be helping. He does sleep more but when he's awake he seems to be more comfortable. The do have him on the sat machine to monitor his O2. His levels have been fine though (99-100).

I spent Friday night and this afternoon at home with Matt and Dante. So, when I got back the nurses let me know the doctors wanted to go ahead and put the TP tube back down since he hadn't eaten enough. But, I told them I was worried that his platelets were low. They checked to see what they actually were. I was surprised they hadn't already given him platelets when they came back and said they went from being 20 on Friday to 8. The hospital was waiting to get a shipment of platelets and blood from Red Cross. Once that gets here hopefully he can get some and then they will put his TP tube back down so they can start feeds again.

It's pretty much just a waiting game at this point. His bone marrow has taken quite a beating after the 3.5 rounds of chemo so it will take a little longer for his counts to come back up.

Thanks for the continued prayers.

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  1. Halls, you don't know me - but I'm praying for your family. I work with Troy Harrison (but I'm in California) and he introduced me to your web page back when Ryan was first diagnosed.

    I just wanted to encourage you today. I know from long experiences in the hospital with our son the sleep deprivation, emotional and physical drain it can all be. Cling to the Lord and cling to each other.

    Xavier's got a little ministry growing, as does your family. What a testimony! Blessings on you and yours as you overcome this rough start to Xavier's adventures!

    In His grip, STEVE HANSON