Monday, June 1, 2009

3rd round

I just got off the phone with our oncologist nurse practitioner and we will begin the 3rd (and prayerfully final) round of chemo this Thursday. We will go to clinic Wednesday to be admitted and be on fluids all day. While we are there Xavian will hopefully be seen by the neurosurgeon. This will be a lot easier on me too. I originally couldn't get us in until June 11th. Dr Reddy said it's more important that he go ahead and get this 3rd round started since it's not pertinent that he have the surgery right away.

We had planned on taking Dante to the Atlanta aquarium this weekend for his 2nd birthday. I should know by now that God has other plans. Matt's mom has volunteered to come stay at the hospital for a day or two so that we can still take him.

I'm not really looking forward to the nights on a pull out bed/chair at the hospital but I will do what needs to be done so that Xavian can be well again. There are families at Children's that have been there longer than I even want to think about. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers as we are all in this fight together.

X Man and Daddy

Loves the grass between his toes (look at those thunder thighs)

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  1. Cassie - I am so glad that my sister can be with Xavian so you and Matt can enjoy Dantes 2nd birthday. I am sure he will be a riot! I know he will enjoy the Aquarium at Atlanta. I hope you will send me lots of photo's. I sent his birthday present today via UPS and included a happy for Xavian as well. I think Dante is going to get a real kick out of his birthday card, though it might drive you and Matt up the wall. You be sure to let me know. Wish I could be there. Miss you all like crazy. All my love & prayers, Aunt Wanda.