Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A rough night

Last night was pretty rough...this round of chem seems to be kicking Xavian's butt and making him sick. He has been on feeds at night for 10 hours. Last night they turned them down from 38mL/hr to 20mL/hr. After he continued to get sick they finally shut the feed off.

Even before all that Xavian had a crying fest for about an hour. Tylenol, Benadryl, Orajel, Zofran...nothing seemed to help. So, I just cried right along with him. I am sorry for our neighbors if he kept you up. On top of that I had a migraine. My aunt came to the rescue and stayed here with me. She got here just in time for me to run to the bathroom and get sick. Thanks Aunt Nawnie...

We have started today's chemo drugs. The Dr. wanted to start earlier today in case of any reactions he may have. Tomorrow he will be getting Cisplatin (the one that caused some of his hearing loss). They've decided to cut the does by half. The Dr explained that it is still a pretty heavy dose and his numbers will still come down. Once we finish on Thursday he will get fluids the rest of the day and through out the night. Friday morning I am hoping we will be able to go home (for the weekend at least). I expect we will be back here next week for low counts or fever or some other side effect.

I continue to pray that this is the last round Xavian will ever have to do. Also, that once we start his feeds back up that he won't throw up as much. I pray that he will start to eat more on his own during the day as well as no mouth sores. I ask that you pray with us in these things as well. Thanks so much!

An update on Dante...He had his two year check up yesterday and is doing great beside the little stomach virus he has. He isn't running fever or acts as if he feels bad either. He will just throw up and then go about his business. He weighed 24 pounds (10th percentile) and was 36 1/4 inches (90th percentile). The Dr seems to think he will be around 6 foot 2. How they figure that, I don't know. He is still our loving, hugging, kissing little man though. I will try and post some pictures later tonight from our trip to ATL.

Please continue to pray for all the families that have lost their children to cancer. Pray for those that are going through treatment as well. Go donate blood/plasma.


  1. Cassie - I am so sorry that Xavian is having such a difficult time this round. I pray that he will improve and go through the remaining portion of his treatment quickly and get to go home and stay at home. I am so sorry that you and Dante have been ill as well. I am praying for you all. Ya'll are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Tommy emailed me a pic of Dante on his new bike. It is my background on my desktop now! Glad to hear his 2 year check up went well.

    Love to you all!!!!
    Aunt Wanda

  2. I am very sorry to hear about how he's reacting to this round. May God give you comfort and bless over your family.

    Much love,

  3. Love you babe! So good to hear your heart. I am aching and praying and celerating the victories with you. Ellory's appointment is tomorrow, which means at some point she will be strapped down in the car and I will have a moment to call you for some BFF Rose and Ethel time.