Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jack Bauer

Xavian is doing ok. His white cell counts are still down and he had to get red blood and platelet transfusions today, but he has seemed much more energetic over the past few days and continues to look better. He only ate once today, but we think the reason for that is two fold: First, his white cell counts are still down, so he's missing his homeland defense, which weakens his entire system; Second, he is still being fed through IV, so his body may not be asking for too much "real food". It's all just parental speculation though.

We'd really like for his white cell counts to get back to normal so that we can go home and rest for a few weeks before coming back for alrededor de dos, that's "Round 2" for those who don't speak Spanish. Troy and Victoria know what we're talking about for sure! We just need a break, especially Cassie who is up here most of the day everyday while I'm at work (i.e. my therapy).

Thanks for all the cards, emails, facebook posts, gifts and encouragement, but most of all for your thoughts and prayers. Old friends, new friends, family, complete strangers and work family, thanks for showing concern and caring. Kym, thanks for letting Cassie and I have some time to ourselves. Without you, they would have already locked us both up once, and then again after we escaped! If we were all as strong as Jack Bauer maybe we wouldn't need help, but only Chuck Norris is that strong, speaking in terms of humans of course ;-)

Acts 20:34-36 - In our weakened state, it's great to know that so many brothers and sisters are willing to help us. I pray for blessings to be poured out onto all those who have put in the hard work.


  1. Check your blog every day. Hope little Xavian will soon improve, and you all will be headed home.

  2. This is your cousin, Angie. I want you to know that you guys are on my heart. I love you all and wanted to let you know I am here if you need me. Add me to your Facebook so I can give you my cell number and get your address. Lots of love!