Monday, March 2, 2009

New Web Domain

After much searching and consideration for a domain name with which our kids' friends can't make fun of our kids, we've arrived at a new domain name for our family. We decided to use the new .me extension as a representation of a personal domain. We thought about using .us, which would sound great for a "family" domain,, but .us stands for United States not "us", so we chose the more semantic .me for our family. Did any of that make sense? If you're not very "techy", probably not, but don't fret, in the next paragraph I will reveal our new domain.

Our new domain name is It represents the Way of the Hall, which includes peace, love, and lots of things technical, but also has a nice PUN about a hallway, with which we could go in a few different directions. The .me extension gives our domain name a personal touch. Once we setup our email accounts, we'll have cassie, matt, dante, and xavian in case anybody was wondering. This will allow us to monitor our childrens' email usage within the bounds of parenting, which includes keeping them out of trouble! Of course, once they figure out yahoo mail and google mail, our plan will have to be adjusted.

So, what happens to the domain name. I'll keep it and use it for business related work if I ever get around to doing more of that. For now, I'll make a useless, highly graphical splash page and park it. This will replace my current useless, highly graphical website for matthalldesign. I'll also make a useless, highly graphical website for

In a few months, visit and see what is cooking in... The Hallway!

This hospital room is apparently starting to wear on me.


  1. Blessings to all of you, especially little Xavian.

  2. Matt, Cassie, Dante & Xavian -- Y'all are in our prayers. May you continue to feel God's love and strength.

    Amy Herrington Reed (Stephanie's friend)

  3. Matt, I just wanted to say that your family has been in our prayers and I hope that everything works out.

    Jody Laney

  4. ? I'm confused now. :-) Still praying for you guys. You have been added to our church prayer list and we talk about you in Sunday School every Sunday. Others ask about you constantly. Keep your head up!

  5. Hey guys... Cassie, this being your birthday just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Tonight I was at a worship service and they started to sing "It is Well." I'm not going to lie, it was very hard to sing - I couldn't get your family off my mind. I started to sing through my tears, "make it well, with my soul." Sometimes we just need God's help. However, I KNOW that our Jesus loves your precious baby Xavian so much. He loves you all as parents and is so proud of the constant giving that you are doing for your family in all areas. He loves Dante and has His hands on this precious boy even when you can't. I just wanted you to know, that it is well, as hard as that may be and as impossible as it sounds in these moments, it is well - we love you guys. viv