Friday, March 6, 2009

Quick update before sleep

Xavian is trying to get some sleep now but seems to be very restless. The doctors just came in and let me know that he will be getting another blood transfusion today. His red counts were down but his white counts have gone up from the platelets he received yesterday.

He still has sores in his mouth that go all the way down to his bottom. Because of this he is still not eating and will start on iv nutrition today. That should start around six. The nurse explained to me that the sores feel like a really bad sunburn. Ouch! The doctors must have realized how much pain he was in when they saw him this morning so they put in orders to give him morphine. The nurse is putting it in iv now. I hope this helps him sleep. For those of you that may be worried about us giving him morphine it was explained to us that it's a very small dose and it's based on his weight. There is no chance that he can get addicted to it.

That's all the news we have for now. Thanks to my BFF Terri for helping us this week with Dante. She has had two crazzies (Dante and Ellory) to look after. Matt and I really do appreciate it! I'm sure Dante does too. He loves to antagonize Ellory. Just like a big brother.

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  1. Cassie,
    Connie and I continue to pray for you all. Don Walton