Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday 3/29 update

I went to sleep the other night before I could update with the results of Xavian's xray. The surgeon came in and let us know that his line had not moved even though the stitches had come out. Under his skin is a cuff that helps the catheter stay in place in the event that the stitches come out. This is pretty normal. There is a kink in the line but since the nurses have been able to push meds and get good blood return we will continue to move forward.

Today Xavian got a blood transfusion. A CBC wasn't ordered so I'm not sure what his counts are right now. The nurse said there should be one tomorrow though. As of this morning he still has not cleared the Methotrexate. It is at .3 and needs to be .1 before he can continue with the other chemo meds. Praying for progress tomorrow.

He has not thrown up in two days. He isn't acting like he feels bad either. I think having the feeding tube in the back of his throat has made his gag reflex a little stronger.

Matt and Dante went to church this morning while my mom, cousin Sarah and I hung out with Xavian. He is napping now so I think I will too.

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