Monday, March 9, 2009

The waiting game

I thought maybe Xavian's counts had gone back up because yesterday afternoon he seemed to be doing better. His sores didn't look to bad and he didn't seem to need morphine as often. This morning when the doctors came by they informed me his counts were still the same (extremely low). So, he got more platelets. That procedure took all of 20 minutes and he slept the entire time. He hasn't had fever in 2 days so that's good. He will continue to get two different antibiotics though.

He still is getting nutrition through his central line because he isn't eating. I have tried to feed him on several occasions but he just spits it back out. I am guessing the sores are still in his throat because he won't swallow anything. All medicines are now given through his central line. Not swallowing is also causing a lot of congestion. We have had respiratory come up and deep suction to remove all the mucus. This seems to help him rest more peacefully.

Ideally, they like to start the next treatment four weeks from the start of our last treatment. This would be March 30th. We can not continue until his counts come back up, he starts eating and no longer has fever. All the preceding has to occur before we can go home too.

We spent two nights in our new house as a family before coming back to the hospital. I pray that we can spend a few more before we start the chemo again. Until then, we will be waiting...


  1. Cassie hang in there.. cling to the one who is the same today, tomorrow and yesterday! I love you!! M